News stories from Towards Maturity in 2013

Research shows legal sector how technology-enabled learning can prepare it for 21st Century business

Towards Maturity | 12 Dec 2013

* 9 out of 10 legal firms are looking to use learning technologies to improve their induction process and ability to comply with new regulations. 33% of legal forms are looking to technology to help inform customers and suppliers of new products and services. A new Legal sector spotlight report, '21st Century Learning for 21st Century Legal Firms', sponsored by Towards Maturity Ambassador, Commelius, focuses on key trends regarding learning innovation in the legal sector.

New Learning Agenda Launched By Towards Maturity

Towards Maturity | 04 Dec 2013

Only 50% of learning initiatives are delivered in time to meet business need. Only 29% of organisations agree their L&D teams have the right skills to design solutions to exploit learning technologies to business advantage. Based on recent research, Towards Maturity launches new business-driven learning agenda with nine action areas at Online Educa Berlin.

Towards Maturity research reveals business impact of technology-enabled learning

Towards Maturity | 28 Nov 2013

Published today, the annual Towards Maturity benchmark study carried out across over 500 organisations including BT, BA, NHS Direct, Toyota Motor Europe and Bupa, reveals that technology enabled learning has helped business’ reduce staff churn by nine percent, speed up new product roll-out by 24 percent and reduce learning delivery time by 22 percent.

New survey reveals biggest Barrier to Compliance Training Effectiveness

Towards Maturity | 02 Jul 2013

A major new study published today, reveals that over two thirds of organisations fail to engage their employees with their compliance learning programmes despite improved engagement being an objective for 98% of participants. Compliance training’s poor reputation was also cited by over half of respondents as negatively impacting the success of their programmes.

Towards Maturity launches the 2013 Benchmark Study to help organisations measure the effectiveness of their L&D activities

Towards Maturity | 06 Jun 2013

Learning and development research company Towards Maturity launches its tenth year of Benchmark research, the largest study of L&D effectiveness in Europe. The study is open to L&D leaders across all sectors and it is free to take part. Participants can access the study on the Towards Maturity website at

Towards Maturity releases new 'Spotlight on Finance' report and announces Brightwave sponsorship of Towards Maturity Finance Benchmarking Group

Towards Maturity | 03 Jun 2013

Towards Maturity announces the release of the new “Spotlight on Finance” report which profiles Learning & Development activity across the finance industry from a wealth of benchmarking data. The Finance sector is analysed and compared against top learning companies across all sectors who are achieving the highest impact in the workplace using learning technologies.

Towards Maturity to facilitate new benchmark forum for L&D professionals in the Legal Sector

Towards Maturity | 03 Jun 2013

Towards Maturity in conjunction with Redtray Solutions will host a network event on Thursday June 13th '21st Century Learning for 21st Century Legal Firms' in London.

Towards Maturity Partners with SAI Global to launch new Compliance training Study

Towards Maturity | 10 Apr 2013

Learning and development and compliance professionals are invited to contribute to new benchmark study to examine effective online learning practices.

Bupa International first to deploy Towards Maturity’s new Learner Audit

Towards Maturity | 28 Jan 2013

All enquiries for a Learner Audit registered at Learning Technologies, at Towards Maturity’s stand 99, will be entered into a prize draw to win a free customised Learner Audit worth £3000

Meet the conference speakers at this year’s Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills eXchanges

Towards Maturity | 22 Jan 2013

This year’s eXchanges’ experts include Allison Rossett, Steve Wheeler, Kirstie Donnelly and many more.

Over 70% of companies plan to implement m-learning in the next 2 years according to Towards Maturity

Towards Maturity | 16 Jan 2013