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Totara Community wins coveted CEdMA 2021 Innovation Award for customer training

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The Totara Community has won the CEdMA 2021 Innovation Award for its creative, comprehensive approach to customer training.

This prestigious award recognizes creativity and innovation, and selects one high-tech company per year for outstanding innovation in education business methods and practices.

The Totara Community supports new and existing users of Totara products, who can sign up for free to access customer forums, resources and training courses in the Totara Academy. 

Danielle Campbell, CEdMA Board President, said: “This past year has forced Learning Leaders to really think about how to meet our learners where they are; lack of time, focus and ability to meet face to face often means we need something fundamentally different. This has accelerated the creation and adoption of new ways to better engage our customers, partners, and employees with easy to consume content and meaningful learning experiences. We are delighted to recognize Totara’s transformation of the learning experience through the merging of communities and education all delivered through a modern learning experience as our 2021 CEdMA Innovation Award winner.”

Today’s Totara Community launched in 2018, following the merger of the previous Totara Community and Totara Academy programs. In the three years since the launch, users have more than doubled. COVID-19 also saw a massive uplift in site usage throughout 2020, with a 214% increase in logins, a 50% increase in new signups and a staggering 600% increase in site users compared to the same period in 2019.

The Totara Community and Totara Academy combines high-impact customer training in the form of e-learning courses, system simulations, videos and quizzes, alongside discussion forums for customers to communicate with their peers and the Totara team to collaborate on challenges, ask questions and solve problems together. Additionally, the Totara Community is home to multiple sector spaces, which support users in specific sectors (such as government and healthcare) to focus on industry-specific challenges.

Along with customer training, the Totara Community also provides a dedicated area for Totara’s 80 partners worldwide to access information, support and resources, along with partner-specific training to help them better understand new products, features and ways to deliver the best possible Totara experience for customers.

Rachel Griffith-Boyes, Head of Community Services at Totara, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have won this award, particularly for a year in which digital learning and online communities have become vital business tools. We’re extremely proud of the home the Totara Community provides to our network, which is testament not only to our talented team but also to our engaged Community members.”

Matt Linaker, Customer Success Manager at Totara, said: “Customers need to feel confident whenever they’re using a new learning platform. Alongside our Partners, the Totara Community provides a dedicated space to support, upskill and bring together thousands of L&D professionals located all over the world. We’re pleased to win an award that recognizes just how special the Totara Community is. We believe that by working as a community our customers can build better learning experiences for their organizations.”

With 1,800 customers worldwide supporting 19 million users, the Totara Community is open to everyone who uses Totara or is interested in connecting with their fellow learning professionals. It's completely free to join, take courses and become certified.

Find out more about the Totara Community on the Totara website, or create a free account here.