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Totara announces release of Totara 14, complete with extensive performance management advancements

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The new version of Totara’s Talent Experience Platform further unites the three products with centralized notifications, major additions to Totara Perform and advanced personalization options

What's new in Totara 14

Totara has just released Totara 14, the latest version of its Talent Experience Platform.

Totara’s Talent Experience Platform launched in October 2020, and this first major update brings with it a wealth of improvements across the learning management system (LMS) Totara Learn, learning experience platform (LXP) Totara Engage and performance management system Totara Perform.

Totara 14’s key additions and enhancements include:

Talent Experience Platform

  • A new centralized notifications system to bring together programs and certifications notifications, significantly improving cross-platform cohesiveness and creating a smoother user experience
    • Updated multi-language interface for creating translated notifications

    • Users have an improved, streamlined interface for setting their notification preferences

    • Greater personalization and automation alongside new engagement and reminder options

Totara Learn

Totara Learn is the adaptable learning management system (LMS) trusted by over 19 million users worldwide, allowing organizations in all sectors to create and deliver transformational learning without the constraints of a traditional proprietary LMS.

  • Users can “declare interest” in seminar events before dates are offered, allowing trainers to schedule events accordingly based on demand

  • Further personalization to the multitenancy experience, including the creation of set and dynamic audiences on a per-tenant basis and custom default images for each tenant

  • New report columns and smart scheduled reports

Totara Engage

Totara Engage, the learning experience platform (LXP) to enable learning in the flow of work, group collaboration and easy discovery and curation of learning content. 

  • Totara 14 provides key updates to the AI engine for more targeted resource, workspace and course recommendations

Totara Perform

Totara Perform, the powerful and flexible performance management system supporting everything from traditional, once-a-year performance management to best practice continuous performance management processes. Totara 14 enhancements improve the control that managers and HR teams have over the range of frameworks they can use to manage the performance of employees.

  • New competency reporting options with improved export layout and new competency ratings report sources

  • Set proficiency at job assignment - allowing different job roles to have different proficiency level requirements

  • Question redisplay option in performance activities

  • Aggregated response option in performance activities

  • Content review option on performance activities to allow review and update of competencies

Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Alongside the brand-new Totara 14 improvements, this release also includes Microsoft Teams and Zoom virtual rooms integrations, allowing users to quickly and easily set up virtual meetings for seminar events and training sessions.

Mark Stevenson, Head of Product at Totara, said: “We are very excited to share these latest improvements with the global Totara user base. In particular, the centralized notifications will bring the three products even closer together, and the new Totara Perform functionality will support organizations looking to fully customize their performance management processes.”

To find out more about the new features, functionality and improvements, take a look at the release notes, or watch our “What’s new in Totara 14” video.