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Totara Learn gets a gamification boost with the addition of new extension, Motrain

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Motrain is a corporate engagement platform from Canadian learning technologies startup Mootivation Technologies and is designed specifically to work with Totara Learn, an open learning platform with over 16 million users worldwide.

Retaining learner interest and attention are some of the key challenges faced by today’s learning organisations. Motrain tackles these issues by rewarding learners for completing online training initiatives with virtual coins that can be used to purchase rewards - such as additional time off, charity donations or conferences attendance - from an online store.

Not only does this gamified approach help improve course completion rates and foster mastery within learners, but it also increases employee engagement by developing stronger personal connections between these learners and their organisation. And as research shows, this has added benefits of lowering levels of absenteeism, increasing productivity and reducing staff turnover.

The latest in a growing number of non-core integrations listed in the Totara extension and content library directory, Motrain provides Totara customers with all the benefits of a fully customisable and unique engagement platform whilst leveraging the Totara platform’s existing features, as Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara Learning, explains:

"One of the great benefits of Totara is that it’s an open platform - meaning organizations have complete freedom to integrate and extend on top of the core feature set in whichever ways best suit their unique organisational needs. Increased engagement is often cited as a key success measure by our customers, and Motrain provides an effective solution for those who are looking to take advantage of a specialised 'engagement' solution."

Mootivation Technologies’ Founder and Director, Jeff Campbell, said they were “ecstatic to be a part of the Totara product extensions and are really excited about working with organisations and Totara Partners looking to maximise learning initiatives”.

Campbell, who recently shared examples of gamification implementations with Totara’s Top Americas Seller of the Year, Remote-Learner, at the Totara Village during ATD Expo & Conference, continued:

“We recognise many organisations have challenges with learning engagement and course completion, so we are thrilled Totara users now have access to our platform. Motrain is built in such a flexible way, including an open API for other business and learning systems and is designed for any use case found on Totara. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of how clients and partners use it to drive engagement and enhance personal connections with employees and customers.”

Motrain is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis and is compatible with Totara Learn 9 and above. The Motrain Partnership Programme makes it easy for Totara Partners to create and manage accounts for their clients, help with new client acquisition and provide a recurring revenue stream.

Further information is available on the Totara website.

About Motrain

At Mootivation Technologies, we’re all about improving online learning and training. We are a Canadian company consisting of a group of instructional designers, gamification aficionados and developers that want to help organisations maximise their training initiatives.

We’re taking on the most common problems with online learning, such as poor engagement levels, an impersonal user experience, low course completion rates, and minimum compliance levels of achievement.

Using our Motrain engagement platform and effective instructional design, organisations can take their training to the next level.

Find out more on the Motrain website.