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Totara Learning releases Totara Social 3 to improve the social learning experience

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Totara Learning has just announced the release of Totara Social 3, the third major release of the enterprise social learning platform.

The new release of the enterprise social learning platform comes with a host of new features designed to enhance the social learning experience, the UX and the functionality of the platform.

Some of the main improvements include:

  • Updated site navigation, including improved mobile navigation and user interface
  • Enhanced search functionality, with instant search from the site header and added support for Elasticsearch 5
  • New activity stream module, which can be used to render activity streams in blocks and on static pages
  • Improvements to groups, including adding external feeds into group activity streams, group blogs and an easier process for inviting users to groups
  • Better UX, such as embedded images in emails, easier file browsing and improvements to @mentions

Yuliya Bozhko, Totara Social Development Team Lead, said: “Totara Social 3 contains lots of great new features to help improve the social learning experience for end users and admins. We’re really excited to help our customers improve the way they interact with the platform, and we’re confident that these improvements will have a positive impact on the way people use Totara Social.”

With Totara Social 3 comes a change to minimum system requirements, which can be found in the Totara Community. The new release supports PHP 7 and 7.1, and includes updates to a number of third-party library changes.

A full overview of what’s new in Totara Social 3 is available here.