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Totara Learn 11 supports GDPR compliance

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Totara Learning is pleased to announce the release of Totara Learn 11, a special interim release designed to help customers ensure their learning management platform supports their compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) before it becomes effective on 25th May 2018.

Totara Learn 11 supports GDPR compliance
Totara Learn 11 supports GDPR compliance 

Totara Learn 11 makes it easy for end users to understand what their data will be used for, who will have access to it, and provide consent to site policies regarding the usage of their personal data (such as opting into receiving marketing emails and receiving notifications when their data will be passed to third parties).

With Totara Learn 11, administrators can create, publish and update multiple consent policies and track when end users have agreed to a particular version of a given policy. This makes it easier for administrators to monitor active policies and identify who may need to agree to a new policy version if circumstances change. This will also ensure that data handling and processing is transparent enough to abide by the new regulations, protecting organisations and end users alike.

Iain Napier, Director of Product Management at Totara Learning, said: “Working closely with our Totara Partners across the EU, we have taken a proactive approach to supporting the rights mandated by the GDPR within the Totara Learn 11 release ahead of the regulation coming into effect in May. Organisations running our software will have the flexibility to control notifications to users about how their data will be used, give users access to the data held about them and also manage the scenarios where an organisation no longer needs to hold personal data.”

The new regulations give end users more control over the data they provide to organisations. All businesses inside and outside the EU that handle EU citizens’ personal data will need to comply with the new rules or risk legal action. Totara Learning has decided to release Totara Learn 11, which makes it easy to comply with the GDPR, earlier than its usual autumn release date.

Other updates users can expect to see in Totara Learn 11 include many smaller theme improvements and bug fixes.

Totara Learn 12 is scheduled for release in September, as per Totara Learn’s standard release schedule for major new versions of the software.

To find out more about Totara Learn 11 and GDPR, take a look at the release notes and documentation here. There is also a new info sheet available here.