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Totara Learning tops Best LMS Thought Leader 2016 list with innovative content

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Totara Learning has been awarded the title of Best LMS Thought Leader 2016 by Talented Learning.


This title was awarded based on how well Totara Learning supports its product vision as thought leaders in the LMS space, as well as helping L&D professionals detect trends in the industry before anyone else. Additionally, the award recognises LMS thought leaders who excel at advancing the learning community with a clear, coherent brand narrative and original, high-value content.

Lars Hyland, Chief Commercial Officer at Totara Learning, said: "We are delighted to be recognised as the primary thought leader in the LMS sector. At Totara, we believe the current model of LMS procurement and support is not fit for purpose in today’s ever-changing world. To survive and thrive, organisations of all sizes need to be free to respond quickly to changing business needs. Totara's open source learning software products are designed to meet the specialised needs of all organisations through its extensive partner network. With over 1,000 organisations worldwide now part of the Totara innovation community, and a growth rate of 40% year on year, we are increasingly being seen as the strategic learning platform of choice."

This award aligns with Totara Learning’s plan to develop its unique Totara Academy in 2017, bringing top-quality learning to L&D professionals around the world by working with some of the industry’s leading thought leaders. The Academy will become a platform upon which all learning professionals can develop their own skills to help improve standards across the industry.

Totara Learning received an honorable mention in the 2015 Talented Learning Awards in the Best Customer LMS category, as well as being named one of the top 3 Best LMS Thought Leaders category. Moving into first place for 2016 reflects a hugely successful year for Totara Learning, where the open source innovators were also named a top 20 learning portal company by

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