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Totara Learning offers world-class learning with new Totara LMS 9

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Totara Learning has just released Totara LMS 9, the latest version of its award-winning open source learning management system.

Totara 9 brings with it a host of new features, inspired by the requirements of the growing global Totara Partner network. Some of the highlights of the new release include:

  1. Seminar Management
    Totara 9 gives learning administrators greater control over your blended learning. It has a new updated navigation structure, Google Maps custom fields and rooms selectable at date level. As well as this, more powerful administrative functionality enables users to manage all aspects of your offline learning activities.
  2. New look and feel
    Totara 9 has a completely new default theme and improved site hierarchy andnavigation, allowing for more flexible theming and branding than ever before.
  3. Improved performance with PHP7
    This release of Totara LMS delivers support for PHP7, as well as a new Javascript implementation for the new core forms library.
  4. Dynamic assignment of Learning Plans
    Totara 9 gives administrators the opportunity to provide dynamic audience-based learning plans, allowing them to push learning plans to the right learners at the right time.
  5. Support for multiple job roles
    Totara 9 brings with it support for creating and assigning multiple job roles to users. Site administrators can now sync data from multiple positions using HR Import, as well as filtering reports by job roles.
  6. Quick access to relevant learning
    The brand new ‘My Current Learning’ block is designed to provide learners with quick access to the content they should be working on. Only learning that is relevant to a learner’s current work will be shown.
  7. Learners can restart from where they left off
    The newly designed ‘Last Course Accessed’ block makes it quick and easy to access the course they were working on most recently.
  8. Accessibility improvements
    Totara 9 includes a range of accessibility improvements, including replacing HTML tables with accessible alternatives, adding label fields via IDs and a range of other updates designed to improve the experience of individuals using screenreader software.
  9. Allow users to share the same email
    Site administrators can set whether their Totara LMS site allows users to share the same email address, whether the account is created via CSV upload, HR Import or manually.
  10. New types of quiz questions
    Administrators can now extend their quizzes with new question types, such as dragging and dropping missing words or markers into the appropriate blank spaces or onto images.

Richard Wyles, Chief Executive at Totara Learning, said: “This is our 9th major release in five years. Looking back, it was difficult to envisage the extent and power of the feature set we have now, so it’s incredible to imagine what we can achieve over the next five years with a continuing, accelerated innovation curve.”

Simon Coggins, Chief Technology Officer at Totara Learning, said: “Totara LMS 9 adds some exciting new capabilities to our platform. As well as the new features and theme refresh, we are introducing a brand new forms library to support more interactive forms, a hooks system to allow powerful extensions to the core functionality and there's a huge performance boost gained from support for PHP7. Whether you're an end user or developing for the platform, Totara LMS 9 is better than ever.”