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New content curation plugin enhances the learning experience with Totara LMS

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A new content curation plugin for Totara LMS has been released, with the potential to improve the learning experience for millions of learners worldwide.

The new Anders Pink content curation plugin for Totara LMS
The new Anders Pink content curation plugin for Totara LMS 

The new Anders Pink plugin for Totara LMS allows administrators to easily curate, control and display relevant external content from any website, RSS feed, or twitter influencer alongside blended programmes and courses. This content can be updated automatically every few hours, or can be manually curated for more control over what users see.

LMS administrators can create rules and filters for curated content, and the Anders Pink tool crawls millions of articles a day to find content which matches these curation rules. This helps make learning more relevant and keeps everyone up to date with the latest news and issues around any given topic. Content is then displayed directly alongside other learning within Totara LMS for easy access to fresh new content.

Stephen Walsh, co-founder at Anders Pink, said: “Curating recent and relevant content is a key challenge for learning teams. But it can take time to find it, filter it and then get it into your LMS to show it at point of need. We’re really excited to partner with Totara Learning to make curation easy in Totara LMS with the Anders Pink plugin. You can now find, filter and share content easily on any topic you want, and display it in your Totara LMS.”

Anders Pink was set up by e-learning industry experts Steve Rayson and Stephen Walsh, who co-founded Totara Platinum partner Kineo. Anders Pink is focused on helping teams to continuously learn, by making curation and collaboration easier.  

The Anders Pink plugin for Totara LMS is available on GitHub here. More information about how the tool works is available on the Totara Learning blog.