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CustomGuide brings bite-sized learning to Totara LMS customers worldwide

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Totara Learning has partnered with Minnesota-based organisation CustomGuide to help bring its learning products to a wider US audience.


CustomGuide has helped thousands of organisations measure and improve the software and business skills of their users since 1999. They are specialists in bite-sized learning, offering it in formats such as:

  • Interactive e-learning
  • Customisable courseware
  • Simulation-based online assessment
  • Quick references.

Jon High, President of CustomGuide, said: “CustomGuide is thrilled to be a Totara Partner and to use Totara LMS as our new learning platform. CustomGuide produces thousands of learning objects that our clients can assemble to build their own unique training courses, assessments, and programs. Until Totara LMS, we had to develop our own learning platform in-house to deliver our content to our clients. We’ve found that Totara LMS gives us — and our clients — a fast, simple way to build and deliver custom courses and training programs. 
We are also particularly excited about linking the built-in competencies within Totara LMS with our courses and assessments, so our clients can measure any existing skills and training needs of their users.”

Lars Hyland, Chief Commercial Officer at Totara Learning said: "I’d like to welcome CustomGuide to our partner network and the Totara community. Their extensive customer base will offer many more learners the benefits of Totara LMS. We continue to build our market presence throughout the US and are excited about our plans for growth as we move into 2017. Organisations increasingly recognise the need for a flexible and adaptable learning platform that offers superior value in order to manage rapid change."

CustomGuide has over 3,000 customers in 40 countries, with Totara LMS now underpinning their provision of learning services worldwide.