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Totara LMS version 2.7 released

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The supported enterprise release of Totara LMS Version 2.7 was released 02 March 2015, as usual the result of a lot of collaboration with customers and partners to offer better value and flexibility for corporate LMS users.

Totara LMS - Open for Business

Enabling adaptability is key to Totara's open source ethos. Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara Learning Solutions commented:

"There’s an enormous list of enhancements throughout the system and there are contributions large and small across the community. There is always a huge amount of work behind the scenes to improve software that the user never notices. For v2.7 there was a big effort on improved usability and accessibility and that focus is ongoing."

In particular Totara would like to thank the following partners for their code contributions and feature reviews in this release: Synergy LearningCatalyst IT and ASM Research.

Some of the highlights of this release include:

Customisable menu via the interface

This allows the addition or removal of menu items, with the possibility to configure views according to audience or role of users.

Face to face module enhancements

This classroom module now allows greater flexibility and deeper functionality for face to face and event booking needs.

Graphical reporting

Much anticipated, reports can now be presented in a range of graphical displays and powerful filtering and aggregation tools have been introduced.

Demonstrations of Totara 2.7 are available via request online at