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Totara Learning Solutions Launches Totara Social at Learning Technologies 2015

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Totara Learning Solutions has launched Totara Social, a new product alongside its flagship Totara LMS.

Totara Social has been developed to enhance an organisation’s social learning capabilities and be deployed as an Enterprise Social Network (ESN). Totara Social can be used as a stand-alone platform or as a companion environment alongside the hugely successful Totara LMS. 

Social learning and networking is essential for collaborative working in the internet age. While public social networks have become part of our daily lives, the co-creation of content, communication, sharing of ideas, resources and company policies needs secure spaces for today’s organisation or extended enterprise.

Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara Learning said “There’s been a buzz around the potential of social learning for a few years now but we believe there’s a need for a lot more innovation in this space. A good LMS like Totara LMS needs to be really social. But with Totara Social it’s a different environment very focused on enhancing communication and collaboration.  We’ve intentionally set out to develop a best-of-breed enterprise social network with knowledge sharing features built in, rather than bolting on a module to the LMS. We’re squarely aiming at opening up that 20% in the 70:20:10 model, throughout the enterprise not confined to those currently undertaking training.”

“And like we’re doing with Totara LMS, we want to enable greater adaptability, new innovations and much lower cost of ownership by offering an open source alternative.”

More information at Learning Technologies 2015. Totara Learning is represented by seven partners:

Catalyst IT- Stand 131

City & Guilds Kineo – Stand 144

Engage in Learning – Stand 107

Learning Pool – Stand 31

Mind Click – Stand 44

Synergy Learning – Stand 149 and

Webanywhere – Stand 79