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Totara Learning Expands Partner Network in North America with Ken Cook Co.

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Totara Learning is pleased to announce that Ken Cook Co. has joined our global partner network.

Santa Clara, California – Ken Cook Co. is a leading provider of training and e-learning solutions in North America. Ken Cook Co. understands the need for finding quality training and e-learning and is well established in the corporate learning market. They have been offering e-learning and training services for decades.

The Wisconsin-based company develops clear, concise information for their customers, dealers, sales force and service technicians. Their services include concept formation and design, desktop publishing, technical writing and translating, as well as customised software programs, mobile applications, e-commerce applications, and a variety of traditional and automated fulfillment.

Totara Learning’s blended approach to e-learning and training features instructor-led online education combined with social features to enhance the learning experience and make learning more fun and interactive. Totara Learning emphasises Learning Plans showing the competencies and objectives employees are tackling, including deadlines and priorities. Companies can monitor their employees’ progress and direct them to access learning activities from their specific Learning Plan.

Partnering with Totara Learning allows Ken Cook Co. to offer complete customisation of the e-learning and LMS systems for their customers. The partnership is a natural progression for the company to find a quality, flexible, open-source service to maximise the e-learning and training experience for companies across the globe.  

“We are proud to partner with Totara Learning, an organisation that prides itself on innovation and quality e- learning and training services.” said Ken Cook, President and CEO of Ken Cook Co. “As a technology-driven company, we are grateful for reliable state-of-the-art LMS solutions and relationships that ultimately lead to successful learning outcomes for our customers.”

Totara’s VP Partner Solutions, Willem Boom, added: “We are super excited to have Ken Cook Co. join our growing partner network in North America.  Their experience in providing a full range of Learning Technology Solutions, technical publications and training services makes them ideally suited for success. The technical and implementation team at Ken Cook Co. Learning consistently demonstrates a very high level of technical expertise and service. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Ken Cook Co.”



About Ken Cook Co.

Ken Cook Co. is a single-source provider of technical product information and e-learning programs for companies in manufacturing and in the marine, automobile, construction, agricultural, and mining industries. The company tagline is “Innovation in Technical Communication.” Ken Cook Co. services include e-learning, Learning Management Systems (LMS), the Smartfolio file sharing system, digital bookstores, printing, desktop publishing and design, technical writing, and app development. In the 1960s, Ken Cook Co. was a technical skills instruction pioneer with its SR100 teaching machine promoting self-paced, audio-visual, hands-on learning and interactive testing. Vocational schools across North America installed Ken Cook Co. equipment and purchased self-learning packages on engines, motorcycles, outboard engines, and welding equipment. The company believes in flexibility and offers custom solutions to its customers.

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