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Totara Continues to Innovate with Open Source LMS and Social Learning in the Cloud

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Totara Learning Solutions, the leading Open Source Learning Platform company, has pushed its product set forward, and upward, into the cloud. Today Totara announces that its hugely successful open source Totara LMS is now available as Software as a Service in the Cloud (OpenSaaS). It’s joined there by Totara Social, the Enterprise Social Network that enables collaboration, connection and curation for social learning in a secure environment.

Totara Cloud is Open Source SaaS meaning that it is open source software that is also available as SaaS. The decision to make its products available in the cloud as Open Source products is driven by a key Totara and Open Source principle: Freedom. Cloud computing offers huge advantages to the customer – it’s quick to deploy, offers lower set-up costs, plus there’s managed support and regular updates.  These are compelling reasons to select a cloud service. However, in most cases one of the major disadvantages of cloud computing is “vendor lock-in” meaning that you have dependency on a single provider.

Totara Cloud is different. It’s all about giving the customer ultimate freedom and control - no vendor lock-in. This makes it very different from other Cloud-based LMSs. As Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara Learning Solutions puts it:

“You should be able to have your cake and eat it too. With Totara Cloud we’re offering a leading technology with all the benefits of software-as-a-service – nothing to install, very quick to get up and running, at very low cost - plus the customer stays in control of their destiny.  Totara Cloud is OpenSaaS meaning that it is open source software that is also available as SaaS.

From a customer perspective it is a much better approach because you can start with Totara Cloud then as your needs evolve over time, you have the option of migrating the instance and leveraging all the benefits that open source offers. First of all, you don’t lose the technology just because you don’t use Totara’s Cloud service anymore. You keep it. That’s a massive advantage for the customer. Secondly you can choose a different service model in the future, on site or dedicated hosting and support from over 80 Totara Partners worldwide. So Totara grows with you. It’s the best of all worlds.”

Totara LMS + Social provide customers with an unparalleled range of learning and social features as you’d expect from a platform trusted by Sony, easyJet, The FA, and many others including major government departments and healthcare organisations around the world. Totara Cloud is fully supported and hosted, and can be set up next business day. Pricing is structured as a series of great value subscription plans, so for growing organisations or those who need a quick, tactical LMS implementation, this is a great place to start in the knowledge that you won’t have to start again as your needs change.

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