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Computershare presented with TAP Gold Partner trophy for “commitment to quality assurance in learning and development”

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Bristol’s Computershare (ASX: CPU) was today presented with a trophy in recognition of its “commitment to quality assurance in learning and development.” Partner status is only granted to organisations that commit to the robust 'Queen's Award for Innovation - winning, skills-based, assessable TAP methodologies for learning.


Stan Mitchell, Regional Director at The Training Foundation, presented Chris Farr, Operations Director at Computershare, with the trophy at the financial services firm’s offices on Bridgwater Road in South Bristol. Tim Parker, Head of Operational L&D (left) and Thomas Knight, Training Manager (right) also celebrated receipt of the award.
Naz Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer at Computershare UK, said: “We’re really pleased to receive this trophy from The Training Foundation, which has proven a valuable partner in the development of our staff. Computershare has a strong sense of commitment to providing both skills and education opportunities for the hundreds of people from Bristol and beyond that we employ at The Pavilions. We provide employees at every level of our company with up-to-date training and the knowledge they need to do their jobs well.”


Stan Mitchell said: "The Training Foundation is proud to call Computershare a Training, Application, Performance (TAP) Gold Partner. This is only achieved by a total commitment to develop, design and deliver all training to the Queen's Award winning TAP Methodology. Computershare has been a TAP Gold Partner for five years and their outstanding record of delivering a consistent standard of excellent customer service reflects the values of TAP.”


TAP accredits organisational training programmes that meet particular standards of professionalism.


The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Bristol, Councillor Clare Campion-Smith, also recently visited Computershare to hand out certificates to the latest graduates from the company’s Academy.


The financial services firm has also been named a “Top-30 Employer for Working Families” by the charity Working Families, which helps working parents and carers balance their family and working lives.


Computershare also recently announced it is undertaking a widescale recruitment drive to fill almost 200 positions in Bristol as a result of continued growth of the business.


TAP Training is delighted to continue working with Computershare in the professional development of their L&D personnel.