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TestReach launches cutting-edge interactive canvas for exam candidates

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At Learning Technologies 2016, TestReach is unveiling a comprehensive new set of cutting-edge features for online exam candidates including the ability to annotate and highlight sections of the exam paper and the flexibility for users to resize all parts of their screen (question, answer box and any reading resources).

Moving paper-based exams to an online format is challenging, not only from the tester's perspective but also for exam candidates.

TestReach, a leading provider of assessment solutions, now offers candidates a greatly enhanced exam experience with new, cutting-edge functionality.

Launching at Learning Technologies, TestReach's Interactive Canvas not only allows candidates to highlight and annotate sections of their question paper and reading resources, but also to completely resize and reposition each part of their exam.

When candidates are answering a question they might maximize the answer box to easily see and edit what they have written without having to scroll. Alternatively, they might want to show the calculator or a set of formulas in small sections of their screen, "parked" on top of their answer area.

"There is complete flexibility for candidates to set up and adjust their screen space however they wish", said Sheena Bailey, CEO, TestReach, "which, coupled with the annotation facility ensures candidates are a lot more comfortable and in control of their own exam experience. Our aim is to make the transition to online exams seamless, so that candidates can concentrate on answering their questions and don't have to think about how to use our application".