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TACK International extends portfolio with new Digital Skills for Salespeople open course

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Leading global training and development consultancy TACK International today announces the launch of ‘Digital Skills for Salespeople’ - a new course addition to their robust brand portfolio of practical sales training solutions.

As evidenced by the continuous rise in popularity of digital and social media to consume content and interact with others – and from TACK’s own ‘Buyers Views of Salespeople’ research findings, customers’ communication preferences are undoubtedly changing. The question is, are sales professionals modifying their approach to meet them?

The current digital landscape presents extensive opportunities to better understand customers, reach out with targeted content and create a favourable image online. Embraced by digitally savvy Marketers - and well utilised by today’s multi-generational buyers, salespeople are indeed falling behind when it comes to Digital.

TACK’s new Digital Skills for Salespeople open course aims to bridge the gap for sales professionals – demonstrating the importance of adopting digital as an essential component of the sales process. The 2 day course equips salespeople with the skills and know-how to take advantage of these channels to find and screen prospects, engage their customers with content and ‘sell’ themselves, their companies and their solutions appropriately and effectively.

Digital Skills for Salespeople will benefit salespeople and sales managers in any industry and irrespective of digital skill level. The stand-alone programme sits within TACK’s off-the-shelf core sales portfolio, complementing the organisation’s flagship foundational sales programme – PRO-PAYBACK Selling® and weaving into the popular PRO-PAYBACK® sales model used by thousands of sales professionals worldwide.

Michael Copestake, Head of Sales for TACK UK, commented “It’s time that salespeople caught up with digital – and responded to their customers’ needs. Like it or not, digital has already become a critical component of the sales process and to discount its value as a sales activity is tantamount to leaving opportunities on the competition’s table. TACK’s new course is designed especially for salespeople - an audience we’ve spent 68 years observing, developing and supporting. Digital Skills for Salespeople is unique in the market in that it provides sales professionals with relevant, up to date research-based content, learning that is focused on their interests and priorities and practical skills that can be actioned the very next day.”

The first Digital Skills for Salespeople open course will take place on 24th-25th January 2017 in London, then regularly throughout 2017 at TACK’s training venues in London, the Midlands, Manchester and Leeds. Dates, availability and online booking is available at


More information about the Digital Skills for Salespeople course is available from Natalie Barlow, Marketing Manager, by email to [email protected] or by telephone 01923 897 900.

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