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Sister company, TMI World, announces launch of new book - SHIFT!

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TMI World, the global consultancy for cultural transformation, announces the launch of its new book “SHIFT!” - comprising a collection of informative and engaging organizational transformation stories, based on real experiences of helping clients across the globe to embrace change.


The launch of SHIFT! marks the 40 year anniversary since TMI first began, charting its development from a time management training provider to a strategic partner for culture change -  improving work environments, individual and organizational performance and enriching lives of thousands of professionals annually.

TMI’s philosophy and approach is one of uniting teams and organizations around a vision and enabling the shift to happen, initiating change in individuals and teams alike. The engaging story-telling approach that TMI is known for is perfectly demonstrated through these 32 short narratives, each of which provides valuable insights and learnings for business professionals as well as individuals that recognise a need for change at any level.

Kostas Hatzigeorgiou, CEO of TMI World comments; “We believe that SHIFT! is unlike any other business book currently available on the market. This book does not represent an individual’s view, but instead offers a unique blend of insights, genuine stories, experiences and perspectives from multiple industries around the world. SHIFT! is guaranteed to inspire and evoke a response within anyone who reads it.”

SHIFT! is available worldwide from Amazon in hardback, as well as Kindle, format. It is also available from TMI offices across the globe.

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