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Salespeople fail to effectively match solutions to customers’ needs, TACK global research discovers

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TACK International's 7th Edition 'Buyers' Views of Salespeople' research study findings have been published for sales professionals and managers.

Respondents: 630 Commercial Buyers from 31 countries.
Respondents: 630 Commercial Buyers from 31 countries. 

In a recent study into buyers’ views of salespeople, conducted by global learning and development provider, TACK International, over half of commercial buyers’ surveyed shared that salespeople are ineffective in matching solutions to their needs, with 91% also revealing that they had sought alternative suppliers over the past 12 months.

The key findings of the 2015 global study were first divulged at the National Sales Conference, Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 8th October and the full research results are now available in electronic report format to all sales professionals, via the TACK International website.

This 7th Edition of the ‘Buyers’ Views of Salespeople’ is TACK International’s most extensive study to date, with over 600 individuals involved in commercial purchasing responding with their views on sales methods, behaviours, competencies and preferences on all aspects of their interactions with salespeople.

The report aims to provide sales professionals and their managers with significant insight on commercial buyers’ preferences and help identify the key skills for salesperson development to ensure long term and profitable customer relationships. Furthermore, the analysis of multi-generational buyers' purchasing trends equips sales professionals with valuable information to take into account when modifying sales approaches for customers.

Samantha North, Global Operations Director at TACK International, says: “The research that TACK regularly conducts is critical in helping individuals and organisations to elevate sales performance, remain competitive and improve their understanding of what today’s customers are looking for."

She adds: "Design and development of TACK International's performance improvement solutions is based on real issues and insights. Frequent studies, such as 'Buyers' Views of Salespeople', ensures that our extensive suite of sales and sales management open courses and customisable in-company training programmes are always well informed, current and relevant.”

A copy of the Buyer's Views of Salespeople Research Report is available on TACK International's website.

Enquiries regarding the Buyers' Views of Salespeople research should be directed to Jonathan Cox, Global Marketing Manager for TACK and TMI International, by email on [email protected] or 01923 891 545 x347.