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TACK Research discovers drop in employee retention in today's multi-generational workplaces.

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Today’s multi-generational workplace sees drop in employee retention, TACK research discovers.

A recent study into employee perceptions of how managers and senior leaders are operating in today’s business environment has identified that over half of today’s workforce do not view their current employers as long-term career prospects.

TACK International’s Global Management Insights research, which surveyed 304 individuals working across various functions and job levels globally, identified that although two thirds of employees surveyed feel that they are fairly recompensed for their work, around 62% do not expect to be with the same organisation in the next two years.

Conducted last year and published in June 2014, the survey focused on a number of areas of management, such as management performance, employee engagement and motivation levels. It also examines the role of technology in the workplace, perceptions of current market conditions and what is on the horizon for managers in response to the findings of the survey.

The results show that issues such as shortages in learning and development opportunities, unclear communication about organisational change and lack of understanding of generational preferences are among the main contributing factors to the deficiency in staff loyalty and retention.

Jonathan Cox, Global Marketing Manager at TACK International, says: “At TACK, we believe that understanding individual employees’ motivators plays a crucial part in recruiting and retaining the best people. This research study provides the insights needed by managers to measure how they are performing from an employee’s perspective and how this can be improved to increase engagement and workplace satisfaction.”

He adds: “The insights are beneficial to all organisations and team leaders responsible for implementing change, leading people in turbulent times and for anyone who recognises the need to improve employee engagement through motivation and development”.


The Global Management Insights can be downloaded electronically and will also be available to pick up alongside the Global Sales Leadership Insights from the TACK International stand (367) at the Learning & Skills Show 2015 on 28-29 January at Olympia Central in London.

In addition to this, a free 15-minute consultation with a TACK training expert is available for each attendee to discuss specific sales or management-related issues faced within their organisation. Places may be booked by emailing TACK your name, email address, telephone number and company name to [email protected], alternatively, by calling TACK on +44 (0) 1923 897 900