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Sponge to host digital roundtable exploring the interplay of sustainability and L&D

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The roundtable on 27 September will feature experts in L&D, ESG, and Sustainability from global organisations including the Fosway Group, Kraft Heinz, Edelman, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.


Bristol, UK – 5th September – Leading digital learning provider, Sponge, is excited to announce its upcoming digital ESG and Sustainability Roundtable, scheduled for September 27th. The free roundtable promises to unite experts in Learning & Development (L&D), Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), and Sustainability from globally acclaimed organisations, including the Fosway Group, Kraft Heinz, Edelman, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. 

In a world where the imperative of achieving 'Net Zero' commitments and sustainability targets looms large, organisations face an unprecedented urgency to take effective action. Public scrutiny, investor demands, and stringent timelines amplify the challenge. Yet, often, the internal resources allocated for driving these initiatives remain limited, leaving the champions of sustainability objectives to navigate significant transformations with minimal support. 

Sponge's forthcoming digital roundtable event will offer a unique opportunity for industry leaders to delve into the symbiotic relationship between L&D, ESG, and sustainability. During the discussion, these luminaries will provide concrete examples of how their organisations are crafting training programs that catalyse behavioural shifts across diverse business units, spanning procurement, supply chains, and manufacturing. 

Attendees can look forward to gaining valuable insights into how global leaders are: 

  • Using training as a catalyst for change: In a world where sustainability is paramount, innovative training programs have emerged as potent tools for change. The roundtable will spotlight how organisations are harnessing the power of L&D to drive transformation throughout their various business units. 

  • Evaluating employee comprehension of ESG and sustainability targets: Understanding the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives is key to achieving lasting impact. The experts will discuss strategies for gauging employee comprehension of ESG and sustainability targets, ensuring alignment with organisational goals. 

  • Addressing and overcoming resistance to change: Change is often met with resistance. Attendees will discover how these thought leaders are navigating and mitigating resistance to ensure the smooth implementation of sustainability-driven initiatives. 

  • Crafting narratives of success around learning initiatives: Communicating the success of sustainability-focused training programs is crucial for motivating employees and stakeholders. The roundtable will explore how organisations are crafting compelling narratives around their L&D initiatives to inspire and engage their workforce. 

The digital roundtable is open to all audiences, highlighting Sponge's commitment to knowledge sharing and fostering dialogue around critical issues. This event promises to be a landmark gathering of minds dedicated to driving positive change in the spheres of sustainability and L&D. 

The featured panelists include: 

  • Fosway Group: Renowned for their expertise in HR and digital learning, Fosway Group brings a wealth of knowledge to the discussion. 

  • Kraft Heinz: A global FMCG, food and manufacturing giant, Kraft Heinz is leading the way in integrating sustainability into their operations. 

  • Edelman: A communications powerhouse, Edelman specialises in helping organisations navigate complex issues, including sustainability and ESG. 

  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development: As a leading force in global sustainability, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development plays a pivotal role in shaping the sustainable future. 

"We are thrilled to bring together these distinguished experts to explore the vital intersection of sustainability and Learning & Development," said Olivia Haywood, Chief Marketing Officer at Sponge. "This roundtable promises to be an enlightening discussion that will empower organisations to drive meaningful change in their sustainability efforts." 

Sponge invites all interested parties to join this enlightening digital roundtable on 27th September. To reserve your spot and access valuable insights from these industry leaders, please register here.