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Sponge secures four awards at the Learning Excellence Awards 2023

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Sponge wins three awards for the cyber security game, ‘Cybersprinters’, developed for the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and an Award of Merit in response to COVID-19 for its advanced compliance training developed in partnership with Travelodge.


Bristol, UK - April 05, 2023 - The Learning Excellence Awards saw Sponge and its partners take center stage when the digital learning provider took home four award wins for its pioneering bespoke solutions. Sponge and the NCSC were winners of the ‘Digital Sector Award', 'Mobile Learning Award’, and ‘Health, Safety, and Risk Award’ categories for the cybersecurity game, 'Cybersprinters.' Created by Sponge for the NCSC, ‘Cybersprinters’ empowers young people to make smart decisions about staying secure online in an increasingly digital world.  

Sponge also secured an Award of Merit in the ‘Response to COVID-19 Award’ for work undertaken with Travelodge to implement advanced compliance training using data analytics thatprovide real-time information, automate previously manual processes, and ensure compliance across a highly mobile workforce. Ultimately, Sponge’s partnership with Travelodge has supported the hotel brand’s post-pandemic growth with a data-driven learning strategy. 

The Learning Excellence Awards received a record number of entries this year, with a growing level of global interest. The wins achieved by Sponge demonstrate the deep and meaningful collaboration in its partnerships with NCSC and Travelodge, alongside a mutual commitment to deliver industry leading, and innovative, digital learning experiences.  

"It's fantastic to see the work brought about by our partnerships with NCSC and Travelodge recognised at the Learning Excellence Awards," said Zach Romain, Head of Product Innovation at Sponge. "Winning these awards highlights the level of care and attentionto detail that NCSC and Travelodge put into their digital learning offerings,and their open-mindedness to solving complex challenges. This was a real game-changer when pairedwith the creative and innovative teams at Sponge that brought these solutions to life." 

Sponge's award wins at the Learning Awards 2023: 

Digital Sector Award - Sponge and NCSC - Cybersprinters - Winner. 

Mobile Learning Award - Sponge and NCSC - Cybersprinters - Winner. 

Health, Safety, and Risk Award - Sponge and NCSC - Cybersprinters - Winner. 

Response to COVID-19 Award - Sponge and Travelodge - Award of Merit.