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Sponge secures author Pam Hamilton as guest speaker at LTDX 2.0

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Sponge is proud to present its second session at this summer’s Learning Technologies Digital Experience, featuring Pam Hamilton, author of 'Supercharged Teams'. She will be joined by Skill Pill's CEO Gerry Griffin and Dan Curtis from Travelodge in a session on 'A better normal: Successfully adjusting to hybrid working', on Tuesday, June 29th.


Sponge’s guest speaker, Pam Hamilton, is the author of 'Supercharged Teams: 30 Tools of Great Teamwork' and 'The Workshop Book'. She is a Capabilities, Teamwork, Workshops, Innovation and Insights expert, and has developed a proven public sector co-creation method called Project Bridge to bring people and organisations together to solve complex issues in our communities.

Pam Hamilton said: "We now have the responsibility and the permission to supercharge our teams, and we can do this by deliberately resetting how our teams work together, using 30 tools of great teamwork”.

The unprecedented change of the past year and a half means that now we must adjust to new, more agile practices, those that make the best of enforced remoteness, digital technologies and new face-to-face dynamics.

In this session at LTDX 2.0, the speakers will cover some of the most poignant issues for both workers and managers in the hybrid working situation:

• How to adjust the mindset and keep a flexible attitude
• How to maximise live time with team members
• How to avoid ‘all work and no play’ and make sure hybrid has the best of both worlds
• How to create space and time for downtime and getting to know your co-workers
• How to connect with body language and facial expressions, even when you only see each other's head and shoulders
• How to connect better when it comes to feedback

Travelodge's Head of People Development and Training, Dan Curtis, is teaming up with the Sponge speakers as a special guest to talk about his practical experiences of building and maintaining highly functioning teams in challenging environments.

Join Pam, Dan and Gerry, as they explore how to empower your teams with the tools for success in the era of hybrid working:

June 29th, 9:30 BST. Register now.

Once you register, you can contact the Sponge team through the organiser's platform, Swapcard. Follow the event via #LTDX21.