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Sponge and Skill Pill release Power of Q

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Sponge and Skill Pill have released Power of Q - a series of training in various aspects of intelligence - to kick off the campaign ‘Power up your best self in 2021’. It is aimed to help organisations leverage these skills within their teams to set them up for success in today’s changing workplace.

It is well known that including a wide range of intelligence skills in the workplace can improve efficiency, productivity and engagement.

The topic of emotional intelligence (EQ) has been widely discussed in recent years, but did you know that there are others, like Purpose Intelligence (PQ) and Execution Intelligence (XQ)?

What does it mean?

The acronym IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. But IQ is only the beginning - there are many aspects of it that enable human beings to reach their potential and power up their best selves.

The Q is short for Quotient - the number you score on a test. However, it is not is not fixed and it can be developed through training. In recent years, the meaning has moved slightly away from the strict numerical interpretation and can now be expressed descriptively as a set of traits every individual has either as a strength or as an area in need of improvement.

If you’ve ever felt lacking in certain areas, the new Power of Q series explores these various aspects, needed to thrive in the modern workplace. Take your pick among:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Digital Intelligence (DQ)
  • Creative Intelligence (CQ)
  • Social Intelligence (SQ)
  • Purpose Intelligence (PQ)
  • Execution Intelligence (XQ)
  • Language Intelligence (LQ)
  • Diversity & Inclusion Intelligence (D&IQ)
  • Global and Cultural Insight Intelligence (GQ)
  • Reasoning Intelligence (RQ)
  • Vision Intelligence (VQ)
  • Intelligence (IQ)

This fun quiz will help you identify the areas you and people in your organisation need to work on.

Power up your best self

Once you've identified the Qs you are strong in, and those which may need upskilling, use the power of Q dedicated pack of elearning courses to focus on how to successfully extend the full spectrum your skills. It is especially useful to strengthen teams whose members bring different skills to the table. Power of Q provides insight into the aspects of intelligence which may be complementary to your own and teaches you how to leverage them.

The content is derived from business best sellers published by Pearson and Kogan Page, and the course pack consists of a comprehensive deck of learning videos, worksheets and further reading to help us each be our best self at work.

Find out more about The Power of Q.