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Skillcast to demonstrate how Intelligent Learning boosts outcomes at Learning Technologies 2020

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Intelligent Learning is an innovative new approach developed by Skillcast. It helps to identify which competencies are relevant to each learner, assesses learners' existing knowledge and then automatically delivers the specific content that they need.

Skillcast is an award-winning compliance e-learning provider, helping companies to transform their culture with innovative compliance and learning interventions with Intelligent Learning.

Skillcast works with clients to focus on the outcomes of their learning project and applies its intelligent learning technology to ensure it meets the requirements. Its approach to intelligent learning is to focus on five key areas:


Rather than asking the learner about their job role, Skillcast asks them what they actually do.  Skillcast gives the learner several scenarios and ask if they are relevant to them.

Adaptive Pre-assessment

Once Skillcast knows what competencies are relevant to the learner's job role, it can assess their knowledge and behaviours by giving them a tailored pre-assessment.

Adaptive Content

The course content flexes to either add or remove content depending on its relevance or the knowledge of the learner.


The personalisation and Adaptive elements can be delivered using gamification. The learner gains and loses lives through answering questions, earns and loses points and can express their confidence in their answers. "Wouldn’t you love to identify people who are supremely confident but wrong about your policies and processes?  Well, now you can," explains Skillcast's Matt Green.

Data gathering

By focussing on competencies, Skillcast can report at a very granular level on what areas of a subject are understood and those that may require additional levels of learning support.