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British Employees Want to Keep Working from Home

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68% of employees currently working from home want to continue to do so in the future, and only 44% say that they can't wait to go back to their offices in the Skillcast WFH Insights Survey 2020 conducted by YouGov.

The Skillcast WFH Insights Survey of 1,983 employees working from home across Britain were polled by YouGov in May 2020 about their attitudes and conditions for work from home. Of these, nearly a fifth had been working from home prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, whilst the rest started working from home since the Covid-19.

68% of respondents said that they want to continue working from home in the future, and only 44% said that they can't wait to go back to their offices. Londoners led the way with 75% wanting to continue home working, whilst the Scots were the least passionate about it, with only 57% showing this preference.


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