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Skillcast Seminar: Accessibility in E-Learning

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Skillcast is presenting a 1-hour seminar in the City of London where attendees can learn how to ensure that their company's e-learning meets accessibility standards of perceivability, operability, understanding and robustness.

Skillcast is presenting a 1-hour seminar on accessibility standards in corporate e-learning on 5th March 2019 in the City of London at Salisbury House, London Wall, London, EC2M 5QQ. The seminar is designed for companies that want to go beyond box-ticking accessible PDFs and Articulate Storyline, and want to ensure that their content is perceivable, operable and understandable by employees with varying levels of disability and robust enough to be accessed via a variety of assistive technologies.

The seminar will show what good looks like for accessible e-learning with examples illustrating

  • Perceivable content - text, non-text, and audio/visual information
  • Operable user interface components and navigation controls
  • Clearly understandable content that engages all learners
  • Compatibility with assistive technologies, such as JAWS

The seminar will provide top tips to assess accessibility in existing e-learning, and simple steps to take to improve the learning experience for all users - with or without a disability.

Reservations are availalble via Skillcast's event webpage: Accessibility in E-Learning or by contacting Skillcast on +44 207 929 5000.