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Skillcast releases 2019 update to its Essentials compliance e-learning library

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Skillcast's latest release of its best-selling compliance e-learning library - Essentials 2019 - features advances in accessibility, content updates, UI/UX enhancements and test-out options that maintain its position as the comprehensive, high-quality, affordability staff compliance training solution for companies in the UK.

Skillcast is releasing the 2019 update to Essentials - its corporate compliance e-learning library - to its clients at a glittering breakfast in the Shangri La, at The Shard in London on the 14th February 2019. The event will also feature talks by Skillcast clients on Accessibility in E-learning, Gamification and delivery of RegTech from e-learning portals.

The cost of regulatory compliance is often cited as a major expense and distraction for companies in the UK, especially the small and mid-sized businesses that lack the scale for dedicated compliance departments. Skillcast developed the Essential library specifically to help such businesses as a comprehensive, fully-managed, cost-effective solution to staff compliance training. It enables small firms the ability to train their employees, with high-quality courses on everything from anti-bribery and anti-money laundering to data protection, equality, and health & safety, including all the common hazards in the workplace, at a fraction of the price that large companies pay for such e-learning. 

With the 2019 update, Skillcast has rebuilt all Essentials courses using its SHARD 5 design framework, that introduces the latest advances in UI/UX, responsiveness and accessibility.


Universal Design for Accessibility

Accessibility has been the first and foremost improvement in this new release. Whereas previously the Essentials courses featured a standard version and a separate accessible version for learners with disabilities, the new version features a single unified version that works equally well for all learners, including those with a partial or acute disability. This brings all Essentials courses in line with the best practice in accessibility, called Universal Design. "We've always been committed to providing accessibility in e-learning," says Skillcast's co-founder and COO, Vivek Dodd, "and in this release, we've applied the best practice that we've developed working with our clients such as Barclays - who are leading the drive for accessibility in the workplace."


Modern UI/UX

With the 2019 update, the Essentials courses feature a more intuitive and modern learning experience with slideshows replacing videos and new learning activities.


Content updates

Skillcast makes rolling and timely updates to the content in the Essentials courses. However, 2019 rebuild brings significant updates to the text content and visuals of the most popular courses such as Anti-Bribery, Anti-Money Laundering, Competition Law, Equality, Sanctions, Financial Crime Prevention, Fraud Prevention, and Whistleblowing.


Lower cost options

The replacement of video with slides shows have made the customisation of all the express modules, and courses such as Anti-Tax Evasion, easier and less expensive. With the 2019 release, Skillcast can also offer lower cost test-out option and option for in-course competency assessment.


Skilcast is offering a free 14-day trial for corporate compliance managers to experience Essentials 2019 for themselves. To arrange a trial, fill out the request form or call +44 207 929 5000.