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Simpleshow adds New Motion Format to its AI-Powered Digitisation Tool enabling a more Dynamic Learning Experience

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The leading expert in explainer videos and creator of Simpleshow Video Maker, has launched a product update which allows global companies to deliver even more dynamic and engaging digital trainings and communications.

Simpleshow, the market leader for professional explainer video production, will feature its cutting edge learning technology, Simpleshow Video Maker, at Learning Technologies 2023 stand K65.

The new Motion format is the latest enhancement for its AI-powered digitisation tool, enabling Enterprise users all over the world to breathe life and emotions into their explainer videos like never before, at the touch of a button. Alongside context-sensitive animations for smarter video creation - with new characters that can walk, wave, laugh, and much more - featured motion elements also include animated backgrounds, new frames to highlight selected images, over 600 new animated illustrations and novel effects to make them shine.

The Motion update reflects the company's ultimate goal of enabling more engaging and effective communication through emotional storytelling.

While explainer videos help convey complex information in a simple way that everyone can understand, moving images prove to be more attention-grabbing, they contain additional visual information by portraying a wider range of emotions, and trigger more activity in the viewer's visual system. This, in turn, leads to improved learning outcomes, higher engagement, as well as better relatability and retention.

For a long time, this type of animation was only done by the Simpleshow professionals behind the scenes. Now, improved AI technology has empowered all Simpleshow Video Maker Enterprise users to create a more powerful audio-visual experience, allowing them to take the way they train, explain, and communicate to the next level.