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Scott Bradbury releases Financial Wellbeing Toolkit

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Scott Bradbury, the online resources publisher, launches resources to support financial wellbeing education in the workplace.


“Financial wellbeing feels like a really important topic to address at this point in time,” comments Catherine de Salvo, Scott Bradbury’s MD. “We’ve been hearing how many of our customers are delivering programmes, seminars, workshops and signposting their employees to reliable sources of financial educational support, and that they needed additional materials to boost their L&D offering.”.



The Financial Wellbeing toolkit that Scott Bradbury have put together includes a 3-minute Understanding your Payslip video, a podcast collaboration with The Money Charity entitled Money Matters at Work, and an interactive online Skills Challenge Understanding your Pay.  The video and the podcast each come with a 4-minute Learning Guide. 

Dee Ruan, Financial Wellbeing Programmes Manager at The Money Charity, who collaborated on the podcast with the Scott Bradbury team comments, “Recent research from the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute shows anxiety is on the rise, with more and more people feeling unable to cope when it comes to money. And according to recent CIPD data, 1 in 4 employees said money worries were actually impacting their ability to do their job. So, our collaboration with Scott Bradbury on the podcast is a great way to reach out to more workplaces and offer practical support.”.

For more information about the resources and how to access the toolkit email: [email protected].

For more information on The Money Charity refer to their website here:

Understanding Your Payslip