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40% of L&D professionals not getting value from L&D budgets

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Scott Bradbury, the online digital resources provider, challenged L&D professionals on the value they are getting from their budget spend and shared tips on how to evaluate value in a recent webinar hosted by the Learning & Performance Institute.

VALUES questions to ask
VALUES questions to ask 

In a 45-minute webinar hosted by The Learning & Performance Institute on 26 January 2023, the management team at resources publisher Scott Bradbury presented ideas for optimising the value of Learning & Development budgets in 2023.

177 learning professionals registered to hear Catherine de Salvo, Jemma Westing and Esther McVee present the lunchtime webinar about getting maximum value from their Learning &Development spend. Catherine de Salvo, Scott Bradbury’s MD, explains,

“A focus on efficiency and value ensures our thinking is sharper, and our goals are clearer. Waste is eliminated when we ask value questions to ensure intelligent use of our budget.”

At the start of the session the team asked whether attendees felt they were currently getting good value from their budget? 28% responded positively, 30% said ‘No’ and the remaining 42% didn’t know. The webinar challenged attendees to think about how they measure the value of their budget spend and the same poll was repeated at the end of the session. This time, the number of participants indicating that they did not currently get value from their budget rose to 40%.

“As a resources publisher seeking to get L&D professionals to part with some of their budget, we focus very much on delivering what our clients need most,” commented Catherine de Salvo. “That means we encourage all-important ‘value’ questions and work alongside our clients to optimise pay-back.”

During the 45-minute webinar the team shared a ‘VALUE’ mnemonic, to remind attendees that it’s the questions you ask yourself before you commit to the spend that inform intelligent decision making. By way of illustration, the team put their own resources to the test, evaluating Scott Bradbury’s interactive Skills Challenges activities against the six ‘VALUES’ questions.

A full recording of the webinar for LPI members is available from the LPI’s website here: