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Scottish Council wins Menopause Podcast Prize

Learning NewsScott Bradbury

Menopause Podcast provides support for listeners.

Argyll and Bute, the Scottish local authority, has been announced as the winner of Scott Bradbury’s Sound Advice podcast prize for October.  In the first four weeks following publication of the podcast ‘Talking about the Menopause at Work’ with guest expert Pat Duckworth, learners at Argyll and Bute clocked up the most ‘complete listens’ and clinched the prize.

The podcast explores how hormonal fluctuations affect everyone in the workplace and how to be supportive to people experiencing the menopause.  Pat comments “Menopause is a workplace issue. This is because the fastest growing demographic in the workplace is women over 50. At the beginning of 2020 there were more working women in that age group than ever before. Valuing them means understanding the unique challenges facing women at work in this stage of life.”

Client Liaison and Data Manager at Scott Bradbury, Esther McVee, commented, ‘We are delighted to be sending Pat’s book to our winning customer, Argyll & Bute. Many organisations are seeking to develop their menopause policy right now, and the book along with our new podcast provide really practical advice and ideas.’