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New Scott Bradbury videos rise to Learning Live challenges

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New videos on team health and wellbeing, from British digital learning resources publisher Scott Bradbury, address topics recently voted by members of the Learning and Performance Institute as being amongst their top five challenges.

‘Team Health’ illustrates how to look out for your colleagues’ wellbeing and emphasises how actions, thoughtfulness and kindness make a difference to the way people feel and behave at work. Another of the new videos, ‘Say it to Slay it’ explores how to manage the sources of workplace stress caused by work overload and anxiety.

Reflecting the top five stated challenges faced by learning professionals, according to data released at Learning Live this month, the new videos due for release by Scott Bradbury foster a positive learning culture and illustrate an integrated hybrid approach to work. In addition to the team health and wellbeing programmes, the video topics include networking, collaboration and listening skills, as well as receiving feedback and challenging assumptions.

‘The eight new videos we’re launching on 3rd October reflect many of the top areas of interest we discussed with Heads of Learning at this month’s Learning Live event,’ said Managing Director Catherine de Salvo. ‘Whether it’s supporting people who feel overwhelmed with workload and anxiety, or showing how to collaborate effectively and communicate with colleagues, these versatile new videos with their practical messages and complementary guides and activities provide much-needed on-the-job performance support.’

The new videos form part of Scott Bradbury’s WATCH & GO® digital learning resources library and are automatically added to customers’ portals. Evaluation versions are also available for review.