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Learning & Performance Expert Charles Jennings Joins David Wentworth for They Learn, You Win Podcast

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The UK’s authority on the 70:20:10 model shares insights on L&D’s current obsession with skills.


In the latest episode of They Learn You Win, David Wentworth, VP, Learning and Talent Evangelist for Schoox and Charles Jennings, Managing Director for Duntroon Consultants, take on the immensely popular topic of skills in workplace training.

Charles has led learning and performance projects for multinational corporations, government and not-for-profits for four decades. He is a partner in the 70:20:10 Institute and served as Chief Learning Officer of Thomson Reuters for many years.

“I hope our listeners will think a bit differently next time they read yet another article saying skills is ‘the be-all and end-all’ of the future of work,” said David. “Organisations need to determine the results they are looking for and work backward to determine the skills needed to help achieve those goals.”

“Learning and development teams need to acknowledge that their responsibility goes beyond learning engagement and completions,” said Charles. “They are responsible for helping to achieve the tangible outcomes of learning desired by the organisation, whatever they happen to be.”

During the episode, Charles and David also discuss why a lengthy list of skills alone won’t solve L&D’s challenges, learning in sports vs. in corporations, the benefits of reflection, and creating a culture of continuous improvement rather than a culture of learning.

They Learn You Win always serves up informative, engaging, and authentic insights. All episodes in the series are available in your favorite podcast app:


The show continues to grow in popularity due to its insights on learning technology innovations and practical ways organisations can utilise L&D to achieve a positive impact on the business.

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Duntroon Consultants is Charles Jennings’ independent advisory and consultancy business. Duntroon provides strategic consulting, support, planning, coaching, and thought leadership in the areas of performance and learning for businesses, not-for-profits, government, and other agencies. Duntroon works with L&D, HR, and other senior organisational leaders.