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Unleashing the Power of Generative AI in Learning with Fosway’s latest insights

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Only 20.8% of Rise Up’s AI attendees aren’t using any AI in their learning strategies


For those who missed it, Rise Up hosted a webinar where they explored the incredible potential of generative AI in learning. The event featured Fosway's Senior Analyst, Fiona, and Rise Up’s Content Creator, Lucy Montague.

AI has emerged as a game-changer in the rapidly evolving landscape of learning and development. Fosway's latest research has already highlighted the pivotal role of AI in digital learning and talent acquisition; "AI was already in many vendor roadmaps, but the launch of ChatGPT and similar services had put AI at the front of the digital learning conversation."

In the live discussion, the presenters asked for some insights into their current relationship with AI in their learning strategies. 50.9% of attendees are using “a little” of AI in their L&D functions, with 18.9% using a “moderate amount” versus 9.4% covering “a great deal”. Watch the full webinar to learn the other poll insights.


The webinar covered:

Market Adoption Insights: Attendees had the chance to learn about the current landscape of AI adoption among vendors and Learning and Development leaders. They gained the inside scoop on what was trending and how AI was shaping the industry.

Preparing for AI: Before diving into AI, attendees explored crucial considerations. Fiona and Lucy guided them through the essential factors to contemplate, ensuring a seamless integration of AI into their strategy.

Unlocking the Power of Generative AI: Attendees learned tips and tricks to optimize generative AI for maximum learning ROI. Practical examples of how content creators were leveraging this cutting-edge technology in their processes were shared.

Ethics Debate: A thought-provoking discussion on the authenticity of AI in learning was held, exploring the ethical aspects and gaining insights into maintaining authenticity while embracing AI.

Cybersecurity, Risk, and Compliance: Essential tips were provided to ensure cybersecurity, manage risks, and maintain compliance when integrating generative AI into organizations' learning processes.

This dynamic session indeed inspired L&D teams to take the leap and introduce AI into their learning experiences. Whether they were just beginning their AI journey or looking to enhance their existing strategy, the webinar proved to be a valuable event.

For those who missed the live opportunity, there's good news! The on-demand webinar is still accessible today, allowing individuals to be at the forefront of the AI revolution in learning and development. Rise Up encourages everyone to embrace the future of learning, even if they couldn't attend in real-time!

Watch here: