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New L&D Event Dedicated to Retail: Rise Up Learning Hub

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On Wednesday, April 27 in Kings Cross, Rise Up Learning Hub, conceived by learning leaders who understand Retail, will be an opportunity to not only share insights on today's L&D challenges and opportunities, but also understand how new technologies can create immersive learning experiences.

The event promises a look at insights, best practices and new technology to drive effective and enjoyable learning experiences
Rise Up Retail Learning Hub, Wednesday, April 27 in Kings Cross, London
Rise Up Retail Learning Hub, Wednesday, April 27 in Kings Cross, London 

Rise Up, the blended learning platform revolutionizing the learning experience for trainers, administrators and learners, is holding its very first event in London on Wednesday, April 27 at 6:30 pm at its office in Kings Cross. The event will feature content custom-built by learning leaders who understand the specific needs of Retail Learning and Development teams.

“We are thrilled to hold our first event in London on Wednesday, April 27,” stated Arnaud Blachon, CEO of Rise Up. “We will explore challenges and opportunities specific to Retail, and examine how new technologies such as voice recognition and AI can be used to create immersive learning experiences.”

Edmund Monk, CEO of the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI), a well-known and integral figure in the learning sector, will explain the most pressing challenges facing Retail L&D leaders today. He will share best practices on how learning leaders are creating real impact for Retail employees and their businesses.

Homeric de Sarthe, CEO of Pitchboy, will describe how technology can be used to enhance Retail L&D performance. Pitchboy uses Voice Recognition and AI to create an immersive experience for employees in situations such as shelving, cashing up, advising and guiding a customer in an aisle. Pitchboy received the HR Innovation 2021 prize and the Digital HR Awards for “Project of the Year”.

“We believe this event will offer a unique exchange focused on how to enhance a Retail company’s workforce, while ensuring that the offerings of Learning & Development are not only effective and efficient, but also engaging and enjoyable,” added Blachon.

Founded in 2014, Rise Up is a one-stop-shop solution: a learning experience provider (LXP - Learning experience platform), a training management solution for Human Resources (LMS - Learning Management System), and an authoring tool for trainers (Authoring Tool). The platform integrates all learning approaches -- e-learning, face-to-face and mobile -- in full compliance with the regulatory framework. Growing quickly, Rise Up counts over 100 employees today in six key countries across Europe.

The Retail Learning Hub event will also feature a cocktail on the rooftop, with iconic views of London. Register for the free event here: