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Moovly enables collaborative video creation in the classroom

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Video creation platform Moovly provides new options for student group work on video projects and internal classroom sharing of created videos. Teachers or academic staff are able to set-up media libraries and student accounts for video creation assignments.

At OEB 2019, Moovly is launching a new collaborative environment for student-created videos, including group management options for teachers or academic staff. The Moovly video creation platform, which enables non-professionals to create videos using millions of royalty free media assets, is expanded with new group functionalities. Students who are part of the same group can collaborate on video projects with fellow students and share their created videos within their group or with their teacher. For teachers or staff, a back-office management tool is available to add users to the group (e.g. a classroom), manage shared media assets and view group activity statistics.

“This new group-based environment for video creation by students is an ideal setting for classroom video assignments”, explains Geert Coppens, co-founder and CTO of Moovly. “Video assignments are invaluable learning exercises that encompass many skills, including subject matter research, script writing and media literacy. Now we’ve added group work as a new option.”

Moovly, that last week announced a new partnership with education technology provider Boxlight, makes video creation as simple as creating slides. The cloud-based application runs in the browser and does not require any software installation or maintenance. Moovly provides an open API and can connect with other platforms for single sign-on, media library integration, video publishing options and white label solutions.

The new group sharing, workflow and management features are also available to companies and large organizations that use Moovly as a corporate video creation tool.

About Moovly

Moovly is a leading provider of creative cloud-based tools to create videos and video presentations. Moovly’s advanced Studio editor, with millions of media assets seamlessly integrated, is all you need to make engaging video content to promote, communicate or explain your product, service or message. With millions of users from small to large businesses, schools and universities, Moovly is an intuitive, cost-effective choice for do-it-yourself creation of engaging video-based content.


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