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Curated collection of math & stats exercises to become openly available

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Grasple announced on 27 November 2019 that all its mathematics and statistics exercises will become openly available under a Creative Commons license. This will enable teachers to use and adapt these open exercises while staying in control of their educational materials because of this open license.

Grasple has important news to share with the world of education. Over the next few months, all of Grasple's open content in statistics and mathematics will receive a Creative Commons license. This is great news for teachers who want to have more control over the content they use, as it enables them to reuse, change, and add to the content that Grasple has already available. Furthermore, with a Creative Commons license, everybody will be able to freely access Grasple's material. Grasple's decision to make its content more readily available coincides with the Open Education Consortium's announcement that Grasple has won the 2019 Award for Open Educational Resources (OER) Collection.

Grasple's Co-founder Pim Bellinga explains the reasoning behind this move: "Exercises are one of the most essential resources for learning. We heard more and more universities who want more control over these primary resources and not be locked-in by one vendor. Grasple's mission is to make high-quality education available to everyone, by making open exercises the new standard. When we heard the news that our open collection of content was to be the recipient of such an important global award, we knew the time was right for our next big step forward. By the very nature of how Grasple operates, we couldn't have done this without the help of universities using Grasple in their math and statistics education, such as Delft University of Technology and Utrecht University.”

Grasple is at OEB Global to connect to the international community of math and statistics teachers, to explore the usage of Grasple’s collaborative editing and practice platform and its open exercises in their education.

Find more information on the open collection and Grasple’s practice platform at: The materials will be released in batches over the coming months.

About Grasple

Grasple helps educators around the world collaborate and build on each other’s work to create high quality open online exercises in math and statistics using Grasple’s interactive practice platform.

The exercises are used by students to practice and do self-tests online, so they can learn by doing.

Grasple is a social enterprise that partners with many universities, such as Delft University of Technology and Utrecht University to release open exercises, accessible without login. Find our math & stats exercises at


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