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Announcing Cengage Student Voices at OEB 2019

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Student Voices is Cengage’s on-going research project that looks into the higher education experience of students across the UK, Europe and South Africa. Its focus is on understanding how students regard their education, their learning perceptions, challenges and methods. The team is exhibiting at OEB 2019.

This research highlights crucial issues and gives students an opportunity to voice their concerns on learning in higher education. For example, independent learning is one of the most crucial parts of higher education. When coming from a traditional school background, students may not be well versed in this type of learning.

To assist with independent learning digital solutions can be a valuable resource, as emphasised in this study, students now require greater flexibility in their way of learning. These digital resources also allow students of all abilities to be prepared with the skills they need before they reach the workplace environment.

Employability skills are of great concern to students and employers alike. Cengage has developed learning platforms to include several different practical tools. This way students can practice their skills in a safe environment, with tangible examples, building conviction in their abilities.

By listening to students, across multiple institutions, Cengage has gained a greater insight into how to better assist them with their learning needs. Keen to expand this growing research programme and gain valuable insights into how students think, study and learn. To become a student voices partner please visit

Cengage is at OEB 2019 in Berlin from 27 to 29 November.

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