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Kryterion reveals The Four Immutable Laws of Credentialing Success at OEB 2019

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Credentials are challenging and disrupting traditional education, corporate training and hiring. Employers and job candidates each see the value of credentials for demonstrating skills and competence. Based on years of working with dozens of credentialing programs in diverse industries, Leslie Thomas, Ph.D., Chief Psychometric Officer for Kryterion, Inc., shares the four laws of credentialing success for program sponsors.

Kryterion's offices in Phoenix, Arizona
Kryterion's offices in Phoenix, Arizona 

Credentialing is challenging and disrupting traditional education, job training and hiring. Discover the laws of success as seen through the eyes of an experienced psychometrician, Leslie Thomas, Ph.D., Chief Psychometric Officer for Kryterion, Inc.

IBM, Apple and Google, along with 11 other large employers, recently announced that a four-year college degree would no longer be required for hiring, noting that too many graduates lack “real world” skills for today’s job market. How job candidates acquire their knowledge and skills matters less than their ability to prove that they have the skills needed by the market.

Many employers are moving toward skill-based hiring and are relying on credentials—such as badges, certificates, certifications, and micro-credentials—that provide evidence of competence. Some experts even argue that we are becoming a “credential society.”

Students, for their part, are seeking non-traditional educational paths including on-the-job apprenticeships and internships, software boot camps, two-year degrees, technical certificates, credentials and online coursework.

Working closely with dozens of credentialing programs in multiple industries for the past 20 years, Leslie Thomas, Ph.D., distills certification success into four immutable laws. This is a presentation of penetrating insight informed by two decades of real-world experience. It identifies the proven strategies for success at the very moment that credentialing is taking its place as the preferred tool for demonstrating competence and skill in today’s job market.

Leslie Thomas, Ph.D. will co-present at the OEB 2019 session entitled, Hard-Won Lessons: Securing Credentialing Success. Her specific topic will be The Four Immutable Laws of Credentialing Success. The presentation is scheduled for Friday, November 29 from 12:00 to 13:00 in room Charlottenburg III at the Hotel Intercontinental in Berlin, Germany.

Kryterion is also an exhibiting at OEB 2019. John Dight, Senior Director of Sales and Operations, would enjoy the opportunity to answer questions and discuss credentialing with you in Booth B-11.

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