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Gamoteca has launched 5 new practice-based learning games

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Gamoteca, in partnership with the Humanitarian Leadership Academy and Quicksand, released 5 new learning games focused on coaching and mentoring, volunteer training, design thinking, gender bias and new staff onboarding.

Launched in 2016, Gamoteca uses mixed-reality learning with mobile devices to simulate real-life environments for engaging learning experiences. Gamoteca’s main objective is to be a space for the creation of human-centered learning experiences that challenge the preconceptions of what e-learning should be like. In order to achieve this, it’s vital that the game design and creation process is closely tied with the user and their specific needs. It’s with that spirit in mind that Gamoteca has partnered with Quicksand, an innovation agency based in India, to create contextualized learning pieces, that speak in a more personal way to its intended audience.

Human-centred design approaches were adopted for the creation of the five games and interviews with users were set from the beginning of the creation process. When a game was finished, user testing was done to capture the interactions of the users with the game, players fill a questionnaire and discuss their thoughts about the game with a moderator, and it’s with this information that iterations to the game are done. The game creation process is an extensive one, but ensures a positive learning experience, in which users learn and have fun while doing so.

All games can be accessed through this link, and they all serve different learning purposes and can be used in different contexts. For example, the Flood game is both a single player or multiplayer game about soft skills training for volunteers in the context of a flooding disaster, teaching them how to face challenges and make difficult decisions, and it’s meant to be played by volunteers who are going to be facing these issues.

On the other hand, the Coaching and Mentoring in Practice game is a two-user role-playing game in which one player takes the role of coach and the other player takes the role of coachee, both players are able to record a video of themselves as if they are on a coaching session and provide each other with feedback. This type of game is a great way to practice coaching in a fun way, once the learner has completed a self-guided online course.

In that same context, Gamoteca also created the Welcome Aboard game, in which a new staff member is set to play with their manager, in order to learn more about the values of their new workplace, interact with colleagues and self-assess their own value and importance to the team and managers.

The majority of the games are part of a learning journey which can be accessed through Kaya, the Humanitarian Leadership’s academy global learning platform.

Gamoteca will be at stand #16 at OEB 2019.

About Gamoteca

Game-based learning provides people with passion, creativity and willingness to collaborate in learning scenarios. Gamoteca was developed in 2016 in coordination with the United Nations and several international organizations, with the main aim of leveraging mobile devices to simulate real-life environments for accessible and locally customizable learning games.


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