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MPS Interactive Systems wins 6 Brandon Hall Excellence awards

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The awards were announced on 23rd August to honor the best eLearning solutions in 2018.


MPS Interactive Systems, a global leader in learning solutions, has added 6 more wins to its impressive awards tally at the 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Awards. The wins consist of two gold, one silver, and three bronze awards.

The company continues to develop solutions that are not only achieving clients' learning goals, but are also receiving industry-wide recognition. Brandon Hall awards are widely regarded as the most prestigious awards programs for the eLearning industry. This year's wins cover a range of learning solutions, such as games, simulations, blended learning, and web-based training courseware. Each year, the company has been consistently recognized for its high-quality, innovative, and effective learning solutions by the Brandon Hall jury.


Details of the six awards are as below:

Gold awards

1)      PepsiCo - Supply Chain Leader Onboarding (Best Use of Blended Learning)

A comprehensive onboarding program that uses blended learning to help the company develop a new line of managers in the role of Supply Chain Leaders.


2)      Vista Consulting Group - Recruitment Training (Best Strategy for a Corporate Learning University)

Redesigning the learning strategy for an existing classroom-based program to a multi-modality online program that helped democratize the learning process and reduce learning costs.


Silver award

3)      Western Union - Quest for Better (Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning)

Decision-making simulation that uses a story-based format to build a narrative and context around typical business scenarios that require Western Union employees to follow its principles on customer experience and business conduct.


Bronze awards

4)      Royal Dutch Shell – Integrated Business Value Game (Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning)

An immersive, scenario-based game that enables learners to take on various roles in the company's value chain and make decisions to achieve profit and sales for the company.


5)      Royal Dutch Shell – Bitumen (Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning)

Simulation-based game that uses multiplayer gaming to better understand global market dynamics and how to deliver business goals.

6)      PepsiCo – Preventing Workplace Violence (Best Advance in Compliance Training) 
Scenario-based training program aimed at building awareness and preparing employees to deal with potential workplace violence threats.