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UK Universities Invest in Disclosure of Sexual Violence E-Learning

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15 UK universities have invested in a programme on Disclosure of Sexual Violence for Staff. An accompanying programme is available for students to raise the issue of consent.

A bespoke E-Learning course created by Marshalls for a UK University.
A bespoke E-Learning course created by Marshalls for a UK University. 

David Marshall founder of Marshall E-Learning explains, “we had previously been overwhelmingly focussed on diversity and inclusion E-Learning for universities. In the last year we have seen equal demand for resources to support staff on how they should respond to a student disclosing to them that they have been the victim of sexual violence, this of course can include cyber abuse or stalking”.

Several universities have invested in completely bespoke E-Learning courses for their staff.

Marshalls have partnered with Rape Crisis on several of these projects and have also worked closely with the in-house subject matter experts within universities.

“This shows E-Learning does not have to be only for generic, off the shelf topics, but can be deployed for challenging, nuanced topics”.

A preview of their generic course can be requested via the Marshall E-Learning website.