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Leading E-learning company rebrands to revolutionise the market

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Accredited Skills has rebranded as Learning Heroes on a mission to save the world from boring e-learning.

Accredited Skills, one of the UK’s biggest e-learning companies has rebranded as Learning Heroes, as it looks to “save the world from boring e-learning”. 

Accredited Skills was launched in 2014 with the mission of creating accredited e-learning courses and partnering with recruitment agents so they could also offer the courses to candidates, but Managing Director Adam Kara didn’t like the way it had to be done.

“It turned out that to make accredited courses you had to use a monotone voice, click through slides and drag and drop content. You basically had to just tick boxes for accreditation bodies. If it was mundane for us, we thought what must this be like for the people doing the courses?” said Adam.

So Adam and his team decided the industry needed change and so they carried out extensive market research. Through this they discovered a shift in what the market wants.

Adam added “Training Managers are looking for short, sharp, engaging e-learning. They want to hold the learner’s attention and they want to stick to relevant content. In essence, they have to actually learn something”.

So Accredited Skills have changed their strategy from making accredited courses. They have now become Learning Heroes and make characterful, conversational and fun animated courses.

The mission of Learning Heroes is to “save the world from boring e-learning” and with over 3million learners and over 200 clients including the likes of Specsavers, the NHS, Virgin and Royal Mail, they’re well on their way to doing that, having become one of the fastest growing providers on the market.

They offer over 150 courses in management, health and safety, finance, IT, and many more subject areas and offer thousands of learning resources. You can visit them online at


02080 887700

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