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LEO GRC Launches Off-the-Shelf Course for Compliance With EU Whistleblower Protection Directive

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The EU Whistleblower Protection Directive comes in at the end of 2021. LEO GRC, a division of LEO Learning, has created a new off-the-shelf module to help organizations stay compliant.


LEO GRC, a specialist division of LEO Learning, has launched a new customizable digital whistleblowing course to help organizations comply with the EU’s Whistleblower Protection Directive, by the December 2021 deadline.

The Directive aims to increase protections for individuals who engage in whistleblowing and to help maintain a culture of speaking up in organizations operating across the EU. 

The course is suitable for all staff and takes about 20 minutes to complete. The content can be easily tailored to meet the needs of individual organizations.

LEO GRC’s new off-the-shelf course includes the following features:

  • Short completion time

  • Multiple interactive scenarios

  • End-of-course assessment or attestation

  • Additional content for line managers

  • Additional content for those directly involved in whistleblowing procedures

The course is built around a core scenario that explores all aspects of the whistleblowing process. There are four different pre-prepared scenarios to choose from, each set in different locations to ensure that the content resonates with the learners.

Liz Hornby, Principal Consultant at LEO GRC, said: “We are really excited to be offering the new course, Our Whistleblowing Arrangements, which will allow organizations to become fully compliant with the EU’s new whistleblowing directive. As an off-the-shelf offering, the course is designed to be easy to roll out, suitable for all staff, and adaptable across a range of industries. 

“The Whistleblowing Directive is an incredibly important piece of legislation that encourages a culture of speaking up within organizations as well as ensuring the protection of those who engage with this behavior. We are looking forward to helping organizations educate their employees on the importance of speaking up and maintaining full compliance in the process.”

LEO GRC’s new whistleblowing course is available from Tuesday, February 2nd. For more information, click here

About LEO GRC 

LEO GRC has over 15 years of experience offering expert-led Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) training and eLearning courses for all sectors. With a focus on genuinely driving behavior change in learners, LEO GRC services corporate and government clients and is proud to help many of the world’s leading financial services organizations to deliver their global compliance training programs. LEO GRC also helps non-financial services firms manage their reputational and compliance risk in sectors as diverse as energy, health, insurance, legal, retail, manufacturing, and automotive.

LEO GRC offers an extensive range of custom and off-the-shelf GRC solutions that completely align with your (and your regulator’s) policies and procedures. 

Formerly Eukleia before merging with LEO Learning in 2020 to form a specialist GRC division, LEO GRC is part of Learning Technologies Group plc’s award-winning group of specialist learning technology and talent management businesses.

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