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LEO Learning scores a double win at 2018 eLearning Learning MVP Awards

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The honour recognises high-quality blog posts created by LEO Learning in the eLearning Tools and New and Emerging Technology award categories.

LEO Learning has won two eLearning Learning MVP Awards for articles on assessment 2.0 and adaptive learning
LEO Learning has won two eLearning Learning MVP Awards for articles on assessment 2.0 and adaptive learning 

LEO Learning has received two 2018 eLearning Learning MVP Awards for creating blog and article content that provides useful and actionable information to L&D professionals.

LEO Learning’s blog post, “Assessment 2.0: More powerful, more meaningful” earned first place in the eLearning Tools category for effectively explaining how confidence-based assessment works and why. Assessment 2.0 scores answers not only for accuracy but how certain a learner is about their responses. The concept makes learning assessments more valid by giving organisations a better idea of how much people know and distinguishing learners who genuinely know something from those that do not

“By knowing where learners stand on confidence and competence, organisations can tailor training and interventions to be more useful,” said Rose Benedicks, Strategic Consulting Lead at LEO Learning and author of the blog post. “The concept has been around for some time and is championed by Nic Price, Lead Learning Designer in our Sheffield office.”

Adaptive learning

An additional LEO Learning blog post, “What is adaptive learning and how can you harness it?,” won third place in the New and Emerging Technology category. The post explains how adaptive learning creates a highly personalised learning experience by adjusting the path and pace of learning according to the learner’s needs.

“Adaptive learning is essentially a way of mimicking the highly-effective one-to-one teaching environment: using tools and strategies to observe individual learner performance and then adjusting the learning to suit that individual,” said Chris Sargeantson, Lead Learning Designer of LEO Learning and author of the blog post.

The post also explains the role of AI in adaptive learning and how data is used to track prior decisions, behaviours, interactions and external activities to understand learner performance.

eLearning Learning, which is run by the Training Magazine Network, collects and shares high-quality content developed by industry thought leaders to corporate training professionals. The nominees were selected by an independent award committee and finalists in the various categories were based on reader votes.

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