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Learnlight releases new mobile app for its learners

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Learnlight has released a new mobile app for its learner community enabling users to interact with its digital content and live sessions any time, any place. Learnlight has been helping companies digitally transform its learning through its innovative platform and methodology for years. It offers language, soft skills and intercultural skills training. This latest app replaces the previous one and has an enhanced look and feel as well as greater functionality.

New Learnlight App functionality
New Learnlight App functionality 

Learnlight has released a new mobile app as part of its mission to digitally transform the way we learn. Known for language, intercultural, and soft skill programs, Learnlight has created the new app as a way to connect to both the digital and live content of its corporate training programs.

The new mobile app is designed to work with the digital courses that Learnlight offers in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese, allowing for easy access to interactive and engaging content.

It also works seamlessly with the flagship Coach program that is available in more than 60 languages. Learners can use the app to engage with the digital content before participating in a communicative live session with its highly-rated trainers, using a flipped-classroom approach.

While learners can always access the Learnlight platform from any browser, the mobile app enables the learner greater accessibility to their learning experience any time, any place.

Bringing the learning to the learner.

It is no longer necessary for learners to go to a physical classroom to improve their language skills. Learnlight has long been innovating with digital transformation; it has been helping companies train their employees in a way that responds to the needs of the modern learner by affording them ultimate flexibility in when they learn, how they learn and where they learn.

Aishah Davis, Head of Product at Learnlight says, ‘Mobile learning is one of the smartest things to happen over the last decade in the learning space, and at Learnlight we’re happy to continue investing in this very important aspect of our product suite.  The Modern Learner is highly connected and often on the go, so providing quality mobile solutions to our corporate learners is and will remain a central part of our product strategy’.

Easy access to great content.

The app will enable learners to easily access features direct from the homepage, including:

  • Learn on the go: when you want and where you want
  • Access program information, your progress and score
  • Prepare for live sessions using Learnlight’s award-winning blended learning methodology
  • Access Café so you can practice with people from around the world
  • View magazine articles to improve reading comprehension

The new mobile app is available in 11 interface languages and is available now from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


To find out more about the new app and how Learnlight works, visit or contact [email protected]