Learnlight provides language, intercultural and soft skills training to blue chips and international organizations around the world. Learnlight uses a blend of cutting-edge technology and world-class instructor-led training to equip employees with the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly complex and global business environment. Learnlight currently delivers blended virtual and face-to-face services to more than 1,500 clients with over 100,000 active learners in more than 150 countries. Visit learnlight.com to discover more about Learnlight and our unique range of digital, tutoring, virtual and face-to-face solutions.


According to our clients, we stand out from the crowd, not only by offering the most comprehensive range of global language and soft skills training in the market, but also by giving them the things they care about most.

At Learnlight, we’re all about building long-lasting strategic partnerships with our clients. We use a proven consultative approach that ensures we understand you, your business, and your people, so we can build custom solutions that meet the needs of your learners and integrate seamlessly with your LMS or Talent Management System.

Learnlight offers the most comprehensive suite of language and skills training in the market, leading the way in virtual, face-to-face and digital services, and actively serving clients on a worldwide basis. This enables you to consolidate your suppliers, centralize tracking and control, and drive significant cost savings.

Our innovative learning platform lets you learn when and whenever and wherever you want: virtually by Skype, phone or virtual classroom; face-to-face with in-company, workshop or immersion programs; asynchronously through flexible tutoring programs; or even online and at your own pace with our self-study digital programs.

More information can be found at learnlight.com.