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Nigel Paine at Learning Technologies 2024, 17-18 April, London: The Great Reset - Why we need to rethink organisational learning.

Nigel Paine at Learning Technologies: why organisational learning needs rethinking
Nigel Paine at Learning Technologies: why organisational learning needs rethinking 

The Great Reset - Why we need to rethink organisational learning: Nigel Paine will explain why he thinks organisational learning needs rethinking and discuss ideas for improving learning culture, at Learning Technologies 2024 this April in London.

Organisational L&D needs to go beyond providing individual learning at scale. This session explores what it means when you take that seriously and do it at scale. It emphasises the importance of a collaborative approach to learning and covers strategies for fostering a culture that is open to innovation and learning from mistakes. It’s the way of future L&D – are you curious, agile and brave enough to make the change?

This transformative talk, inspired by Nigel Paine's new book on organisational learning, challenges conventional wisdom around L&D. It emphasizes that no single individual can determine an organization's path to success; instead, a collective, connected approach to learning is essential. Drawing on his extensive research, writing and wide experience, including a role as CLO of the BBC, Nigel will explore how we can – and must – revolutionise learning and development in organisations.

Learning Technologies Conference Chair, Donald H Taylor, said: “We'll delve into strategies for creating a culture open to new ideas, where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, and open discussions drive innovation. The session is a call to action for L&D professionals to adopt a mindset of curiosity, encouraging exploration and intelligent decision-making based on a wealth of information. Be part of this pivotal conversation to reshape your organisation’s learning landscape by connecting firmly with your organization’s business strategy.” 

Talking points/takeaways:

  • Building connections for organisational intelligence
  • Creating a culture open to external ideas
  • Embracing mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Fostering a coaching culture in the workplace
  • Curiosity-driven exploration and decision-making

The Great Reset - Why we need to rethink organisational learning takes place on day one, 17 April at 11:15.

The full programme is available on the event website Learning Technologies 2024 Conference, along with conference pass sales: Learning Technologies 2024 Conference Conference Passes.

Speakers include: Stella Lee, Dani Johnson, Chara Balasubramaniam, Brandon Carson, Hadiya Nuriddin, Markus Bernhardt; just a few of the 90+ speakers on the programme.

Learning Technologies 2024
17-18 April 2024, London ExCeL

Nigel Paine
Speaker, author, broadcaster

With over 25 years of experience in corporate learning, Nigel is a regular speaker, writer and broadcaster on the topics of learning culture, technology and leadership. Between 2002 and 2006 he headed up the BBC's Learning and Development operation. Following this, he started his own company Ltd that is focused on building great workplaces that develop great people. He helped create and taught on a doctoral programme at an Ivy League University for fifteen years. He has written three recent books, on the role of L&D (The Learning Challenge); Leadership Development (Building Leadership Development Programs that Work), and Learning culture (Workplace Learning). He is writing his fourth on resetting learning inside organizations to focus on building learning organizations. He presents a monthly TV programme (Learning Now TV), and shares a weekly podcast (with Martin Couzins) called From Scratch. He splits his time between Europe, the US and Australia. He is a fellow of the CIPD, the UK's professional body for HR and people development, The RSA (Royal Society of Arts Manufacturing and Science) and a Masie Fellow in the US. He was made a visiting Professor at Napier University in Edinburgh in 1998. He was recently awarded his Doctorate in Professional Studies from Middlesex University. His doctoral research forms the basis of his next book on organizational learning which will be published in 2024.