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Embrace skill-based learning that drives impact with Studytube at Learning Technologies 2024

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At the forefront of educational innovation, Studytube proudly announces its participation in the renowned Learning Technologies 2024 conference at ExCeL London. Showcasing their leading-edge learning platform and AI-powered solutions, Studytube warmly invites attendees to explore stand D30 for immersive live demonstrations and to engage in insightful educational sessions about skill-based learning that drives impact.

Over 10,000 attendees are expected, with 200 free seminars covering topics ranging from AI, data, & analytics, to learning experience design. Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2024, the event will focus on the latest in learning technologies and innovation. This convergence of the latest in learning technologies and innovation mirrors Studytube's commitment to advancing L&D through AI and data analytics, marking the event as an ideal platform for the Amsterdam-based pioneer.

The urgent shift towards skill-based learning

Gartner's data reveals that 58% of employees lack the skills necessary for effective performance in their current positions. This signifies a paramount need for organisations to prioritise human capital development to maintain relevance now and in the future. As the demand for skill-based learning becomes increasingly critical, Homam Karimi, CEO and Founder of Studytube, emphasizes the company's role in addressing these challenges with innovative solutions: "With organisations struggling to find the required talent and skills, empowering individuals with targeted skills is not just an advantage; it's a necessity," Karimi asserts. "At Studytube, we're pioneering the integration of AI to identify skill gaps and tailor learning paths that drive tangible impact within organisations."

Discover the future of L&D: skill-based learning & AI insights at Studytube’s sessions

At Learning Technologies 2024, Studytube will host two pivotal sessions led by CEO Homam Karimi, focusing on making business impact through skill-based learning in your organisation. The sessions, ‘Moving the needle in your organisation with Studytube: Skill-based learning that drives impact,’ and ‘Pioneering future learning with Studytube: Skill-based learning that drives impact,’ will delve into how AI-driven technologies can be utilised to identify skill gaps, craft personalised learning paths, and significantly enhance organisational performance. These discussions promise to offer invaluable insights into harnessing the potential of AI to meet the demands of today's dynamic job market.

Studytube invites all ambitious L&D professionals to experience firsthand how our solutions are shaping the future of learning at stand D30. Through live demonstrations, attendees will gain insights into how our platform fosters a culture of continuous learning, aligns talent development with organisational goals, and prepares workforces for the challenges of tomorrow.

Networking and collaboration opportunities

Beyond our sessions and stand activities, the Studytube team looks forward to engaging with industry peers, potential clients, and thought leaders. This event presents a pivotal opportunity to enhance your learning strategies and forge connections with those dedicated to redefining the landscape of learning and development.

Studytube leads the charge in transformative learning technology, delivering tangible business impact through skill development. Our learning platform stands out by empowering L&D professionals to effectively organize learning, saving valuable time and resources.
At the heart of our innovation is an AI-powered engine that not only detects skill gaps but also curates personalized learning experiences to bridge them. This ensures that employees are not just learning but applying new skills to drive organizational success. With a rich blend of one simple subscription for all your content needs, along with robust tools for creating and managing your own learning events, Studytube is the partner of choice for companies looking to excel in today's skills-first landscape. Experience how we make learning outcomes both measurable and transparent, preparing your workforce not just for today's challenges but for the future of work.

Founded in 2010 by Homam Karimi (co-founder, CEO), Gerhard Riphagen (co-founder, CPO), and Sebastiaan Menheere (co-founder, COO), Studytube is built on the vision that unlocking the developmental potential of employees is key for organisations to navigate the increasing pace of global change. With skill based learning more crucial than ever, Studytube aims to help organisations make a real impact where it matters most.

Serving over 500 clients through the efforts of more than 250 'Tubers'—over 100 of whom are dedicated daily to product innovation—Studytube's client list includes, VolkerWessels, Manpower, SPAR, Crédit Agricole, Adecco, Mitsubishi Motors, and numerous large and small municipalities. Active in Western European and Scandinavian markets, Studytube is headquartered in Amsterdam. For more information, visit

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